AGG Solar Mobile Lighting Tower – Powering a Brighter Future with Solar Energy!

AGG solar mobile lighting tower uses solar radiation as the energy source. Compared to traditional lighting tower, AGG solar mobile lighting tower requires no refueling during operation and therefore offer a more environmentally friendly and economical performance.


As a company committed to innovation, AGG is dedicated to making the world a better place by constantly innovating and manufacturing products that use clean energy. Powering the world with clean solar energy while also helping our customers achieve more success.


There are some advantages of AGG solar mobile lighting towers:


● Zero emissions and environmentally-friendly

● Low noise and low interference

● Short maintenance cycle

● Solar fast-charging capability

● Battery for 32-hour and 100% continuous lighting

● Lighting coverage 1600 m² at 5 lux

(Note: Data compared with the traditional lighting towers.)

AGG solar mobile lighting tower is capable of providing flexible and dynamic lighting support for applications such as oil & gas, mining, construction, civil engineering, road engineering, carpark lighting, outdoor event lighting, emergency rescue and agriculture, etc.


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