If a hospital suffers a power outage for even just a few minutes, it may well be possible to measure the cost in economic terms, but the highest cost, that of the well-being of its patients, cannot be measured in millions of dollars or euros.


Hospitals and emergency units require generator sets that are well-nigh infallible, not to mention an emergency supply that ensures continuous power in the event of a grid failure.


A lot depends on that supply: the surgical equipment they use, their ability to monitor patients, the automatic electronic medication dispensers… In the event of a power cut, generator sets have to provide every guarantee that they will be able to start up in a time that is so short that it barely affects whatever is happening in surgeries, bench testing, laboratories or on the hospital wards.



Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, regulation requires all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source. The efforts made to meet with these obligations have resulted in the generalisation of standby generating sets in medical institutions.


Throughout the world, a large number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with AGG Power generating sets, able to provide an electricity supply around the clock in the event of a mains power failure


So, you can depend on AGG Power to design, manufacture, commission and service entire pre-integrated systems, including generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling systems and remote monitoring.

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