Data Center

Currently, we are living in a digital information era where people are increasingly dependent on the Internet, data and technology, and more and more companies are relying on data and the Internet to sustain their growth.


With operationally critical data and applications, the data center is a critical infrastructure for many organizations. In the event of an emergency power outage, an innocent power outage of just a few seconds can result in the loss of important data and huge financial losses. Therefore, data centers need to maintain 24/7 optimal uninterrupted power to ensure the security of critical data.


In the event of a power outage, an emergency generator set can quickly start supplying power to avoid a crash of the data center’s servers. However, for a complex application like a data center, the quality of the generator set needs to be very reliable, while the expertise of the solution provider who can configure the generator set to the specific application of the data center is also very important.


The technology pioneered by AGG Power has been the standard for quality and reliability worldwide. With AGG’s diesel generators standing the test of time, the ability to achieve 100% load acceptance, and best-in-class control, data center customers can be confident that they are purchasing a power generation system with leading reliability and dependability.

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