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For large events, the high load of on-site air conditioning and broadcast systems consumes a huge amount of power, so an efficient and continuous power supply is essential.


As a project organizer who attaches importance to the audience experience and mood, it is very important to do a good job of guaranteeing the emergency backup power supply. Once the main power supply fails, it will automatically switch to backup power to ensure the continued power supply of important equipment.


Based on the rich experience of providing reliable power for international large-scale event projects, AGG has a professional solution design capability. To guarantee the success of the projects, AGG provides data support and solutions, and to meet the customer’s needs in terms of fuel consumption, mobility, low noise level and safety restrictions.


AGG understands that the efficiency and reliability of the backup power system plays a key role in large-scale event projects. Combining cutting-edge technologies, scientific quality management system, excellent design, and global distribution service network, AGG is able to control the entire production process to ensure high quality and efficient products and services for our customers.


AGG’s power solutions are flexible and highly customizable, and can be designed to fit the rental sector, aiming to meet the requirements of different customers and different applications.

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