AGG Power 133rd Canton Fair Ends with Success

AGG 133rd Canton Fair Ends with Success (2)

The first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair came to an end in the afternoon of 19 April 2023. As one of the leading manufacturers of power generation products, AGG also presented three high-quality generator sets on the Canton Fair this time.


Held since the spring of 1957, Canton Fair is known as the China Import and Export Fair. The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn season each year in Guangzhou City, China, and it is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China.


As the barometer and wind vane of China’s international trade, Canton Fair is an outward window for China’s foreign trade enterprises, and one of the important channels for AGG to establish communication and cooperation with global customers.

Purchasers & buyers from all over the world were attracted by the nice-designed AGG booth and the high-quality AGG diesel generator sets. At the meantime, there were lots of regular customers, partners and friends who came to visit AGG and talk about future ongoing cooperation.

• Quality Products, Reliable Service

Equipped with high quality components and accessories, the AGG generator sets display at the booth featuring a nice appearance, unique structural design, and intelligent operation. The quality generator set products attracted the attention and interest of a large number of purchasers and buyers at the fair.

Amongst, some visitors had heard of AGG before and therefore came to visit the AGG booth after the show had opened. After a pleasant meeting and exchange of ideas, they all showed great interest in cooperating with AGG.
• Be Innovative and Always Go Great

The 133rd Canton Fair ended with success. The time of this Canton Fair is limited, but the harvest of AGG is unlimited.

During the fair we gained not only new collaborations, but also recognition and trust from our customers, partners, and friends. Driven by this recognition and trust, AGG is more confident to manufacture higher quality products, provide better services to our customers and ultimately help our customers and partners to succeed.



In the face of new social developments and opportunities, AGG will continue to innovate, provide quality products and adhere to our mission of helping our customers, employees and business partners to succeed.